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Flexible couplings are components suitable for transmitting rotating power between a driving machine and a driven one, offsetting both misalignments and vibrations in a flexible way.

AB TRASMISSIONI’s couplings have been designed to have great vibrations damping capacity and high power transmissions. Some advantages characterizing our products can be summed up as follows:
  • High quality cast iron manufacturing exclusively carried out in Italy.
  • Static balancing and testing by means of a certified three-dimensional computerized check.
  • Superficial phosphate treatment as standard procedure for the whole series of couplings.
  • Possibility of developing an engineered and customized product according to specific customer’s needs.
  • Internal structure which permits to use the same rubber element in different coupling sizes, simplifying the spare parts management.
  • Prompt delivery of couplings with non-machined bore or complete with bushes, ready for installation. Also for material in accordance with “Atex” directive.