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Company profile:

After more than 40 years since its foundation AB TRASMISSIONI is still a solid and valued company, which has always been paying close attention to customer’s needs and is constantly striving for improvement.

Its history isn’t characterized by memorable events but rather by a constant growth, achieved with a lot of effort and perseverance.

The company was established in 1975 and was named AB BALBONI SRL, thanks to the perception of three young entrepreneurs who had the ability to understand and make good use of the needs of a market sector that, at that time, was rapidly expanding.

Realizing flexible couplings, particularly suitable for motor pumps and generating sets, was their first mission. Manufacturing quality, service and advice let the company soon become an important point of reference for such applications.

These features and its considerable attention towards customer’s needs induced AB BALBONI to introduce an early series of automatisms for the motor and industrial field: a wide range of solenoids and electric pistons were introduced.

Its success was immediate and the range of fittings for industrial engines soon increased to include further products, realized in cooperation with trading partners, really welcomed in our specific business field.

Meanwhile, significant development operations on the foreign markets were undertaken;
in the middle of the eighties, AB BALBONI customer base already included some of
the most important customers within Europe. Today its trademark is registered
in many countries all over the world.

In 2003, AB BALBONI underwent an important change: Mr. Bruno
Alberghini, a member of the company founders, with the
support of his family, took over the company,
changing its name to AB TRASMISSIONI.

Its thirty years’ experience and the enthusiasm of the new
generation launched the company into an exciting
dimension, full of new objectives and important
developments, readily rewarded by
a 45% increase during the first
two years of operation.