Certifications and Quality

High quality for maximum safety and reliability

Pursuing customer satisfaction is one of the main goals of our company. Care and attention to our products and services is part of our DNA, and allows us to meet market needs with high quality standards.

We ensure proper planning by monitoring all quality-related activities for maximum safety and reliability.


AB Trasmissioni has always adopted a company policy that focuses on the quality of the service provided and on full compliance with the Consumer Code. This approach has allowed us to obtain important certifications.

Certified QUALITY

We have been ISO certified since 1997 - when we were still AB BALBONI, and with “perseverance” and conviction, we have always been committed to ensuring high quality throughout production and marketing, focusing on every single process.

ISO 9001:2015 certification


We offer a wide range of flexible couplings that comply with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, and our automation solutions can also be certified to this directive following verification of suitability for use in explosive atmospheres.

ATEX - GPLX certificate
ATEX - GCFX certificate
ATEX - GB-GC certificate

Legality RATING

We like to share our every effort to demonstrate our company values: that is why we are committed to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility, in the knowledge that we can improve day after day.

Legality rating


Deserving the trust of those who choose to work with us is a must! This year, we are proud to have received the CRIBIS D&B Prime Company Certification, which acknowledges and attests to our high reliability in paying suppliers.

CRIBIS D&B Prime Company Certification

Our packaging’s environmental labelling

After the publication in the Official Journal of the legislative decree 3rd September 2020 n.116 that adopts the European Directive 2018/851 regarding waste and the European Directive 2018/852 regarding packaging and packaging waste, AB TRASMISSIONI SRL has made its packaging compliant with the decree’s requirements.

As our packaging is intended for industrial and commercial use only, we required our suppliers to comply with the decree’s demands too. Here you can find and download the classification for labelling our packaging.

Our packaging’s labelling code list

The "ideas" box

Our Company has decided to collect employees’ ideas, evaluate their contents, and possibly implement them concretely. Sharing IDEAS improves the quality of our work!