Couplings and Adapters

We transmit safety with our flexible couplings!

Our flexible couplings, known as Balboni couplings, are designed for great vibration damping capacity and high power transmission between driving and driven machines, while being flexible enough to compensate for misalignments and vibrations.

  • Manufactured exclusively in Italy from high-quality cast iron;
  • Static balancing and testing by means of a certified three-dimensional computerized system;
  • Phosphate surface treatment as standard for the whole range of couplings;
  • Internal structure that allows the same rubber element to be used in different coupling sizes, simplifying spare parts management;
  • Couplings with non-machined bore or complete with bushes, ready for installation;
  • ATEX compliant materials available on request.

Special Products

40% of AB TRASMISSIONI production consists of custom-made components.

Our experience in the field and our know-how form the basis of valid support from fine tuning the product together with the customer to a complete design service on behalf of the customer.

  • Adapter for Lombardini GPA3 H: 121
  • SAE 3 - SAE 3 H spacer ring: 53
  • Hub for Cardan joint
  • Extra short Cardan joint
  • Splined adapter for STAMFORD application
  • Flywheel adapter ring
  • Removable Flexible Coupling with pulley