Couplings with rubber rings

Couplings with rubber rings GP

GP series

Couplings with a flexible ring to compensate for greater angular and radial misalignments than those allowed for in couplings with rubber elements. The flexible elements can be replaced without moving the coupled machines. The flexible ring contains nylon meshes to ensure high performance.

Couplings with rubber rings GPF

GPF series

Couplings with flexible rings and a flange for direct connection to the flywheels of endothermic engines. They have the same architecture, vibration damping capacity and power transmission as the GP series.

Couplings with rubber rings PV

PV series

The PV coupling offers high flexibility for coupling with large misalignments. The reinforced rubber element provides vibration damping. The PV coupling can be supplied complete with a tapered bush or with a non-machined bore. Its special construction allows installation and removal without moving the machines.