Flexible couplings

Newsletter February 2022

Did you know how vulcanization was born?

Flexible couplings

Charles Goodyear was an American scientist with a passion: rubber. He was born in New Haven in 1800 and believed that rubber would have changes people’s life.

Unfortunately at that time, rarely was rubber used in industrial field because it had two flaws: it melted at high temperature and it crumbled at low temperature.

The Legend says that once, trying to hide one of his experiments to his wife, who was tired to see him wasting his time in pointless attempts, Mr Goodyear put a blend of sulphur and rubber in a stove and he noticed that it became more tough and flexible.

He discovered “Vulcanization”, a process that is still used to produce tyres and the rubber elements that are the core of our couplings.

We have been producing our flexible couplings for more than 45 years, also known as “Balboni Coupling”, they are a very important part of a torque transmission between driving and driven machines. In some circumstances they allow misaligned assemblies and they are essential to absorb vibrations.