P series panel mounting emergency stop buttons and enclosures

Recessed emergency stop button for panels and enclosures, complete with acoustic and light indicators

P95 series
P110 series
P130 series

8000 series modular isolation monitoring devices

Modular isolation monitoring devices

8000 series
Isolation monitoring sentinel for LV networks up to 500 Vac; 2 modules; 110–230–400 Vac power supply.

RD series modular residual current relays

Modular residual current relays

RD21 series
Modular residual current relay.

RD23 series
Modular residual current relay with leakage current indicator.

CTD series toroids for residual current relays

Toroids for residual current relays

CTD - CTD.A series
Series of closed and/or openable toroids for measuring residual current. To be paired with the RD residual current relay.

SL series indicators


SL1/T - SL1/R - S1/A series
LED indicators with 3 indications in 1 DIN module for voltages from 24 to 400 Vac.

LCM series level monitoring

Level monitoring

LCM series
Fluid level monitoring with external probes; 2 modules; 24–110–230 Vac power supply.

SO/RO series acoustic warning devices

Acoustic warning devices

SO - RO series
Buzzers and electromechanical alarms; 1 module; 12–230 Vac power supply.

SI series
Electronic siren; 1 module; 12–230 Vac power supply.